Feeling the Crunch of Staffing Shortages?

Hiring issues

Most practices report that they are experiencing a shortage of available candidates to hire for the various positions in their practice. Have you noticed staffing shortages too?

We get asked all the time how our clients are so successfully navigating this challenging landscape to find the ideal team members they need. The answer is not a single tool but rather it is a multi-step system. Here is a brief sketch of the main points to deal with staffing shortages.

To start off, decide that there IS an ideal candidate out there and you are going to find them. Secondly, make a wish-list of traits and skills and experience. Then create a truly attention-grabbing ad (this is the secret ingredient). The ad can be posted in at least 13 different places besides Indeed. For instance, post it on your practice Facebook page, make a Career Page for your website, Google ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn, and so on. Include practice “culture”, how it is different, etc.

When you do the interview, ask questions that require the candidate to think on their feet. Start off with, “Tell me about yourself.” “What are you most proud of accomplishing in your last couple of positions?” “What will you be exchanging with us for your salary?”

Additionally, we have a proprietary Personnel Analysis questionnaire that is 97% accurate in telling if a candidate will work out on the job… helpful in finding that diamond you seek. You can use this for more effective and truthful reference checks.

From there, you choose the ideal candidate and hire them on the 90-day probation basis and then permanently if they turned out to be exactly what you wanted.

Following these tools fully enables practices to identify and onboard exceptional individuals more efficiently and ensures sustained success in a competitive job market.




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