Why Bosses Might Get Cranky

Like anyone else, there are days when a boss might get a little cranky or irritated. For many, they feel like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders.

They didn’t know when they graduated that they were signing up for the following:

  • to have to work out how to make payroll every week and rent every month
  • to deal with suppliers and make those decisions
  • to negotiate on insurances of various types,
  • to figure out which computer system to buy and get trained on
  • to decide if the applicants for jobs were going to be the right ones
  • to do performance reviews with the staff
  • to establish policy and job descriptions,
  • to train their staff in how they want things done
  • to make up a mission statement and be the cheerleader for the practice
  • to deal with staff conflicts and issues
  • to work out vacation times and how not to wreck the practice income at the same time (since there are ongoing bills to pay)
  • to have to deal with difficult patients or clients
  • to work out handlings for broken equipment that is slowing down everything
  • to decide whether or not to buy their own location and how to afford it
  • and so on and so on.

And all the while, they are trying to get on with their doctoring duties all day. It’s enough some days to crack a person. They went to school to become a healthcare professional, but CEO training was not in the curriculum.

What you can do about it

A happy boss is the end goal of staff … makes life a lot easier, right? The thing to really understand completely is that the reason that any staff work in a practice is to take the load OFF of the owner. If he or she tried to do everything themselves … well, let’s just say “it wouldn’t be pretty.” So hiring the right staff and guiding them to do the different aspects of running a practice is one of the owner’s first duties. She or he is doing what is called “shedding hats.” This means, for example, when they get busy as a single person in the practice and need to have help, they take off the hat of receptionist and give it to someone to do FOR them and wear on their behalf.

Save the owner’s sanity and keep your job longer

Look at it this way, every person who works for the owner is there to back up the owner and make the business successful. There are a lot of functions that must occur to have a big, beautiful, productive practice and one person cannot do them all alone. Therefore the staff are there to save the bosses life and make it livable.

And keep mind also … the whole practice is there for the ultimate purpose of giving patients the ideal care they deserve to have.

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