Lost in Space by Google?

In late April, Google made a subtle but far reaching change regarding websites and mobile devices that may have affected you. Everyone who has a website must understand what this change means to them in terms of potential patients finding your website.

If you have already taken care of this on your website, kudos to you and well done. For those who haven’t, please read on for help with this.

Simply put

In simple terms (which I needed explained to me too): A huge percentage of the population now does web searches through their cell phones and tablets. Therefore, your website must be “mobile device friendly.” This means that if you use your phone to find your website and the writing is very small, and you have to use your fingers to expand it to read it without squinting, you have failed the Google test and Google may lose your website to some degree.

Competitors may overtake you

This means that if someone is searching on their cell phone for something related to your profession (e.g. “dentist in my area” or “my dog’s nose is dry, what do I do” or “my back hurts, need help” or “my eyes are worsening, what does this mean” and so on), your website will show up in the search AFTER any websites that have been made mobile friendly. This means your competitors will get ahead of you!!!

Action plan

There are 2 things you can do about this:

  1. Have your website company make a new website just for mobile devices;
  2. Have your website company make your existing website “responsive” to mobile devices.

Our website company advised us to do #2 above. They will make it respond to whatever kind of device or computer is searching. This means that it will automatically move and resize text and images to best display on each mobile screen. Having a single site, rather than separate desktop and mobile sites also helps your website load fast and is the system recommended by Google. The overall colours and design and theme will be the same on all devices.

So …

If you haven’t done it yet, better jump onto this so you don’t get lost in space by Google.

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