It takes work to be the best!

It’s easy to be lazy and incompetent.  Anyone can do that.  But those who want to succeed in life find that it is done by learning and working at it.

One of the big traps that can keep one from succeeding is making excuses and justifying why one is not successful or has failed at something. For example:  “That’s just the way I am.”  “It’s an inherited weakness.”  “Nobody showed me how to do it – what do you expect me to do.”  “I’m not very good at that sort of thing.”  And so on.

Closing the door on learning better ways to do things by making excuses does not help you grow and learn.  Instead, if you catch yourself making an excuse for why something did not work or for backing off from doing something that you are afraid of, stop yourself in your tracks and replay what just went wrong from the viewpoint of “How could I approach that differently next time?”  You could also look on the internet for articles on how to improve that difficulty if you want some outside ideas.  Talk to staff or friends for ideas.  Try them out.

An actual example is a healthcare professional presenting a correct treatment to a patient or client who then says “no” to the care proposed.  You could say (in your head), “Well, I did my best and told him what should be done and if he doesn’t go ahead, that’s HIS problem.”  Instead, try to learn from this experience by looking at alternative ways you could say or present this with the next patient or client.  Learn from it.  Read some books on sales.

Don’t shut the door to growth.  Your patients or clients depend on you to be the best at what you do.


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