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Have you ever walked into a practice that was totally cluttered and disorganized looking?  Did you wonder about the person who let it get like that?  Did your confidence and respect for the owner of the space go up or down?  Did it inspire you to want to return for care?  Probably not.

People DO judge a book by the cover, as the saying goes, even if only sub-conscientiously.  So how can you make your “cover” be worthy of a new patient’s confidence and respect?

7 key clutter categories

Here are 7 key clutter categories to inspect for when thinking about decluttering your office:

  1. Do you have items that are old or not current looking anymore? This could include old, dirty floor mats by the door, magazines that are well-worn and out-dated, old vinyl covered chairs that have seen better days and look like they are from the 1980’s, file cabinets that are decrepit and messy looking, and so on.
  2. Are there too many ornaments, signs, and other clutter on the front desk that you could make disappear? Is the space clean? Are the curtains, blinds and/or windows clean?  Is the front desk spotless and sparkling?
  3. Do you have items and equipment around the practice that are never used but are taking up space and adding to the clutter?
  4. Do you have decorations, paintings, art objects, etc. around the practice that you don’t actually like. Often these include gifts that family and patients have thoughtfully given you that THEY like but for you, it just adds clutter.
  5. As a healthcare professional, you may have products that are past their expiration dates and are just taking up space. Don’t keep what you will never use.
  6. Are you hanging onto catalogues of items that you may need to order? Can these catalogues be just as easily accessed online so that you don’t need to keep the hardcopies around?
  7. Do you have plants that are suffering slow deaths that should be retired or taken home for further care? You should only have healthy specimens in your practice.

Have Fun With This!

Make your practice be the kind where you walk in and immediately FEEL that you are in the RIGHT place!


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