The Boredom Cure

Boredom Cure

Ever feel like “the walking dead” some days?  Everything has become a monotony?  Have to push yourself to keep going?

There are probably a whole bunch of possible reasons and a million cures, but I have observed healthcare professionals closely for 25 years now and there are two sources for boredom that are the most common and there are dramatic cures for both.

(1)  What is your purpose?

When you are meandering your way through life and each day without a really STRONG PURPOSE that you are INTERESTED in and FOCUSED on, you can feel a bit rudderless.  There has to be meaning to what you are doing or why do it.  If you are on a treadmill and just “doing” without really being interested anymore, you will feel like life is passing you by and you will have a “disengaged” feeling.

What IS your purpose in having a practice or working in one?  If you haven’t already, you might look at that and work it out.  (“Putting in time” is an apathetic answer, by the way and pretty deathly!)

What made you choose your profession in the first place?  Why did you start or buy a practice?  What did you want to achieve?  If you have accomplished that original goal, what new goals can you set for yourself and your team?

What are you focused on delivering in your practice?  How do you want your patients or clients to perceive your practice and your service?  What could be done to improve it?  What new procedures could you introduce that would make treatment easier or faster or more effective?

Getting up every morning excited about your practice (or job) is the way to live life since you spend a good part of your waking hours there.  So figure out some good, clear goals and purposes and go after them with gusto.  Get the whole team engaged in the changes.  Have fun!

(2)  Creating is Fun

The other angle that I would like to stress is that creativity makes you feel alive.  When all the create has been done on a job and there seems to be nothing new to do, your interest in those actions go down and down.  The answer is to always be looking for better ways to do things, to improve them, to make a difference.  People who are creating on a non-stop basis, experience a joy of going towards goals and those who have stopped creating are on their way down.  So look at how you CAN cause things to be better and higher quality and get the spark going, or keep it going if you are already doing this.

Reach your full potential by constantly creating and you will experience more joy in your life.

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