Taking Things Up a Notch

Taking things up a notch

Have you noticed that people are expecting more and better service for their money than ever before? And have you ever sat down with your team and worked out in detail how each aspect of your practice could give a little more or better service to your patients or clients?

The practices or clinics that take service over the top are always the busiest ones and attract new patients easily through referrals.

There are many, many ways this extra service can be given. Believe it or not, how glad you or your staff sound when taking a phone call from a patient or client is noticed by them. When they walk in the front door of your practice, a wonderful smile and greeting from your front desk staff can make the patient or client feel very welcomed.

Of course, there are the follow up calls after a difficult treatment or service is always appreciated.

Running the practice on schedule impresses clients because you’re showing your respect for them and that they are important.

Making notes in the computer or chart to ask the patient or client next time you see them how it went with the special event (graduation, christening, bar mitzvah, wedding, etc.) that they told you about the last time they were at the practice shows an interest in them.

Look for ways to deliver a better service than was expected or they feel they are paying for.

You get the concept, now have a meeting with the team and run with it. Your team will often surprise you with their creativeness.


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