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Over the years I have seen some of the most brilliant ideas fail. The reason being that the planning to get the idea implemented was poor, incomplete or non-existent. Any idea or change should be planned out to ensure that it gets fully carried out.

Once you have the idea or change, you must sit back and then work out in detail exactly what you are going to do to get it implemented step by step and in what sequence. It is a management role to plan and to make that planning become an actuality. Don’t expect your staff to understand all the ramifications of your brilliant idea without a detailed explanation and a step by step plan of how to get everything done.

You must determine who is going to oversee the project (it doesn’t have to be you), what is the purpose of getting this done, who is going to be doing what steps of the implementation and what resources are available, do I have the necessary expertise in-house or do I have to go outside, etc.

Lay it all out step by step and assign each step to someone. Without the assignment of steps to specific individuals you will end up doing it all yourself.

The last action is following up and making sure that the targets are being completed and completed in a timely fashion. Without management follow up great ideas often get bogged down and go nowhere. Be prepared to work with the individuals assigned specific targets and help sort things out so they can actually get the target done. Do not do the target yourself but rather get the individual more able to do it themselves. This will give you an even better resource for the next project you tackle.

Typically changes and new ideas are viewed by staff as additional work and so you must get them to see the advantages to themselves, the practice and the patients. Most staff are willing but they do need to be kept informed.

Getting ahead is a lot easier if you have an exact plan!


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