In control

Is Stress Controlling Your Life?

Various aspects of your life, including your home life, your practice, your hobbies, and other interests can start flying out of your control and your stress level will start to escalate. And your enjoyment of life will head south. There are many ways of preventing this vicious downward spiral from even starting and keeping you

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Lost Business?

While every member of your team is extremely important in the delivery of perfect service to your clientele, the people who hang out at the front desk play a huge part in the growth, size and profitability of your practice. In fact, the business starts and ends at the front, from a patient or client’s

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The Definition of Insanity

Recently, a healthcare professional came to us saying he needs to change the way he does things because it’s not working for him. He asked me if I’d heard the famous saying, “The definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” And yes, we are quite familiar

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Statistics Are Slippery Things!

When managing a business or a practice, keeping an accurate tabulation of your production is extremely useful.  If you don’t know the results of various actions or all your hard work, you can’t assess whether you are being successful or not. If a healthcare practitioner tells me they billed a certain number last week, I

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To Succeed, You Need To Lead

Whether you are the owner of a practice or one of the team members who make the practice happen, you are a leader to others.  Perhaps it is your staff you are leading, or maybe you are leading the patients/clients towards ideal care, or maybe you are a mom or dad leading your children, or

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The Face Of Your Practice

How do you attract more customers to your lab and become successful financially?  Easy!  Look at all your points of contact with your customers and work out how “the face of your business” can be improved. Who are the “faces of your business?”  Obviously there is the receptionist who is both the face and the

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Put A Shark In Your Tank

A Fishing Story The Japanese love fresh fish.  However, the waters close to Japan have not held many fish for decades.  So to feed the Japanese population, fishing boats got bigger and went farther than ever. The farther the fishermen went, the longer it took to bring in the fish.  If the return trip took

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Success Happens

Some people think success is only for the “lucky” or that “it’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time” or that “it’s who you know.” While it is a fact that there are people who have succeeded due to the above factors, did you know that everyone else can have

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Organize For Success

Success seems to come to some people more easily than others. What are the secrets to achieving those dreams we dream? How can we make it easier and faster to reach those dreams? One of the answers is: ORGANIZATION. If you observe highly productive people who are getting a lot done and are achieving their

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10 Tips For Speeding Up Your Success

The road to success is in the fast lane. You succeed based on the quality of your work, the amount of work you do and one other factor: speed. How fast can you go? Rev it up with these 10 TIPS: Jump into projects as soon as possible. Act quickly on opportunities. If you see

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Succeed Spectacularly!

The following is a quote from an article that appeared on LinkedIn recently, written by Dharmesh Shah, CEO HubSpot: “You try something and it fails. And yes, failing is no fun. But, what’s worse than failing is going sideways for years and years. The worst is being stuck in a quagmire of mediocrity. Things are

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Social Media is a proven marketing tool used by big brands to reach their potential publics and thereby achieve their marketing goals. In just the same way, healthcare practitioners need to make their presence felt on the Social Media “scene.” Let’s take Facebook for starters. At first glance, Facebook seems like a big time waster

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