Statistics Are Slippery Things!

When managing a business or a practice, keeping an accurate tabulation of your production is extremely useful.  If you don’t know the results of various actions or all your hard work, you can’t assess whether you are being successful or not.

If a healthcare practitioner tells me they billed a certain number last week, I have no idea whether that is good or bad – it’s just a number.  By informing me what was billed the week before, I start to have an idea whether things are improving or worsening.  This is a statistic.

All successful big and small businesses use statistics to monitor and guide progress.  They are not the be all and end all – they are the guidons that indicate where help and correction are needed or, if they are doing well, then where the accolades should be given.  They are tools to ensure that ideal care is being delivered to your clients or patients.  Bonuses can be paid based on weekly and monthly production as well.

As part of the management system we teach our clients, there are formulas or steps that you learn to take to make stats go UP or to keep them going UP.  You don’t just “look” at them or be a spectator, you gain the tools to know WHAT to do about them and become cause over the growth of your practice without the stress and strain and guesswork.

Be a manager – not a spectator, and reap the rewards of less stress, happier teams, and more income!



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