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Is Your Practice Underachieving

Is Your Practice Underachieving?

Most practice owners, if they are honest with themselves, feel that there is room for improvement and growth in their practices.  What those changes are and how to achieve them is, however, often a mystery or a frustration or both. There are thousands of aspects to a practice that determine whether it reaches its full

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Email Newsletters and Loyalty Issues

Once upon a time, patients or clients rarely got marketed to by other practices. They chose their healthcare providers based on location or referral, and stuck with them unless one or the other moved away or passed on. They were not bombarded with envelopes of coupons in their mail boxes containing fliers for practices, nor

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Which comes first: Website or Social Media?

Like most healthcare professionals you probably want new patients or clients to knock at your front door, but which front door?  There is the physical front door to your office for walk-ins (though usually people call first to make an appointment).  And then there is the “virtual” front door … your website. If you do

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