To Succeed, You Need To Lead

Whether you are the owner of a practice or one of the team members who make the practice happen, you are a leader to others.  Perhaps it is your staff you are leading, or maybe you are leading the patients/clients towards ideal care, or maybe you are a mom or dad leading your children, or

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4 Great Leadership Skills Anyone Can Apply

In the current marketplace in Canada, there is a growing sense of change and uncertainty.  Therefore, as the owner or manager of a practice, more skill is required than ever before to maintain an even keel and efficient course to optimum productivity from yourself and your team players.  You must give them a sense of

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Positivity Wins!

Here we are at the beginning of a new year.  It is the time of making new goals, new decisions, setting new targets, and so on.  As the owner of a practice, you are the one who sets the tone for the new year ahead.  Positivity and enthusiasm for the team emanates from you, …

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A Positive Attitude!

Two scenarios: 1: Boss comes in and is told that there are two cancellations in his afternoon schedule. He immediately gets angry and says, “Just great, another bad day,” to the staff at large and stomps off to his office and shuts the door. 2: Boss comes in and is told that there are two

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