Positivity Wins!

Here we are at the beginning of a new year.  It is the time of making new goals, new decisions, setting new targets, and so on.  As the owner of a practice, you are the one who sets the tone for the new year ahead.  Positivity and enthusiasm for the team emanates from you, … or not.  You may have experienced past years where the goals were not reached, the targets were not accomplished and basically little changed.  This negativity can be unwittingly dragged into the new year by you and in itself becomes a reason you might be unwilling to set new horizons for the practice — for fear of failure.

In fact, it is fairly common that the focus gets stuck on the failures, and these colour the future success of the practice with a bit of gloom.  Here is a microscopic example of what we mean:  On a day-to-day basis, have you ever experienced a brilliant day of treating let’s say 19 patients perfectly smoothly, and then things didn’t go so well with the 20th one?  Did you go home all happy or did that one bad experience cast a pall on your day?  Even though 95% of your day went perfectly!  Somehow the one setback is the one that gets focused on and bummed you out.  The successes are ignored and the setbacks get all the attention.  While it is appropriate to learn from your mistakes and improve one’s abilities and techniques, it is not healthy to focus on them.

An individual can get to a point where they think that they are a failure despite the fact that 95% of their patients are very pleased with them.  The more you focus on negativity, the more you are likely to see of it.

Therefore, the trick is to focus on the wins, the successes, the things that are going right.  A very healthy exercise is to look at all the things that you have accomplished, all the successes that you have had before setting new goals or objectives.  You generally will find that you have accomplished quite a bit and have the ability to achieve even more IF you focus on the positives (the achievements and successes) and tend to ignore the losses.

You can achieve GREAT things and are far more capable than you’ve been given credit for.


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