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Marketing: Are You Unique?

Is your practice like one of the Stepford Wives?  In that movie, there was the idea of the perfect wife and that every wife in town had to fit into that exact mold.  Sameness.  The problem is that it didn’t work.  Why not?  Because we are all unique and different in many varied ways. This

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Keep them coming back

The Marketing Evolution

Owners of highly successful healthcare practices have many things in common, and one of them is that marketing runs in their blood.  It is a part of the practice that cannot be neglected or postponed or procrastinated on because it is how new patients find their way to you. Often when we ask a new

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Practical Marketing: Part Three

There are many marketing ideas and concepts that purport to help you increase the size of your practice. With over 24 years of experience in working with healthcare practices, and more than 1,300 clients consulted and trained by us, we have seen a full gamut of right and wrong, workable and unworkable marketing ideas. This

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