Marketing: Are You Unique?

Is your practice like one of the Stepford Wives?  In that movie, there was the idea of the perfect wife and that every wife in town had to fit into that exact mold.  Sameness.  The problem is that it didn’t work.  Why not?  Because we are all unique and different in many varied ways.

This is true for practices too.  When marketing your practice or making your services known and well thought of and sought after, you need to have what is called a “unique selling proposition.”  How do you make yourself and your practice stand out in a crowd of sameness?  This is one of the most important questions in marketing.

You can’t PROVE that you are better, the best or wonderful.  However, you can promote how you are unique and it must be something that potential patients WANT.  You need to differentiate yourself from other practitioners.  What can you do or offer that the other guys in your area do not.

Note:  There is a fine line you must walk as a healthcare professional in not seeming to promote yourself as better, more current or state of the art, nicer, etc. than your competitors.  Your colleges mostly have strong rules about this.  But this doesn’t mean you can’t have a unique selling proposition.

Here are some examples:

For a Veterinarian – Back to health guarantee:  After surgery, if there are any problems or concerns in the next 2 weeks, please come in for a follow up visit at no charge.

For a Dentist – Helping the World Smile:  For every 300 patients treated in our practice, we are able to go and help 100 children in a third world country who otherwise have no dental care.

For Optometrists:  Helping the World See, One Pair of Glasses at the Time.  Donate your old glasses and we will see that someone in a third world country sees more clearly.

For our own consulting and training company – We are unique because we guarantee that you will make back the cost of our services.  You cannot be out of pocket, so there is no risk.  (I thought I would throw that in!)

For a Chiropractor that specializes in athletes – Elite athletes run to us for the health of it!  (or:  Our athletes are well-adjusted winners.)

For Chiropodists or Podiatrists – We make happier feet so you can take a run at life! (Or, … so you can outrun life.)

There are millions of ways to stand out in the crowd.  Remember, the purpose of this is to attract new patients!

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