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Rise Above The Crowd

What would you say is the common denominator of all truly successful people? What have they done that enabled them to rise above the rest of the crowd? Why do others give them such respect and admiration? For sure, successful people are usually smart, motivated, hard-working, and so on, but these aren’t the fundamental reasons

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It takes work to be the best!

It’s easy to be lazy and incompetent.  Anyone can do that.  But those who want to succeed in life find that it is done by learning and working at it. One of the big traps that can keep one from succeeding is making excuses and justifying why one is not successful or has failed at

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Marketing Success

3-Step Marketing Strategy: Know Before You Grow

Have you ever experienced disappointing results when marketing your practice?  Did you expect a better response than you got?  Have you ever wondered how other practices have managed to have a huge number of new patients from their marketing?  What, you might ask yourself, is the magic formula to improve your marketing strategy? The answer

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