3-Step Marketing Strategy: Know Before You Grow

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Have you ever experienced disappointing results when marketing your practice?  Did you expect a better response than you got?  Have you ever wondered how other practices have managed to have a huge number of new patients from their marketing?  What, you might ask yourself, is the magic formula to improve your marketing strategy?

The answer to all of those questions is that “hit or miss” marketing with dubious results are the outcome when you omit the Why, Who and What in your marketing strategy.  These 3 strategic steps will help get your marketing focused and your team aligned with it as well:

(1)  Why do you do what you do? 

Why is your practice there in the first place?  Why did you choose to do your profession and to start a practice?  What do you LOVE about what you do for your patients?  You might have already figured this out and put it in your mission statement, but if you haven’t, now might be a good time to work out a clear statement of your practice’s mission.  Find the passion or excitement you once had or still have for your practice.

(2)  Who do you want to deliver your service to?

What kind of patients do you want?  Let’s get really specific here because you need to have a target audience for your messages and you want to be sure you are talking to the RIGHT audience.  Who wants what you have stated in (1) above?

(3)  What do patients/clients love about your practice?

Do you deliver any unique services?  Is there something remarkable about your practice?  Ask your patients or clients … they may surprise you as to what you do that makes them come to you – it could even be something small.  (Cute example:  one of our clients used to bake little loaves of banana bread in the autoclave/microwave at the office and the beautiful smell permeated the office and the patients/clients were offered these little loaves before they left.)

Make this a project and get your staff to have fun doing it with you.  Once you have gotten all of the answers, you are now ready to market in a results-oriented fashion with an accurate idea of what to promote and who to promote to.

Know before you go so you don’t waste your hard earned income on ineffective marketing!


(We have already successfully marketed over 1,600 practices across Canada)




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