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Service Above and Beyond

Have you ever bought a product or paid for a service where you didn’t quite get what you thought you were paying for? Not quite the expected quality? Or not the level of service and care that you thought you were entitled to? Did you grumble about it to yourself and just resolve not to

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Succeed with Speed

How long do you wait for a haircut?  For a table at a restaurant?  For your car to be repaired?  At your MD’s office? How long does it take before you get irritated that they are running behind schedule. On the other hand, have you ever received instant service?  How did that feel? One of

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“Refreshing” Yourself

In computer terminology, you can “refresh” a page on your computer by clicking a button and it will update the page with the latest information available to it. This got me to thinking that sometimes I would like to click a button in myself and refresh my image or my skills or my knowledge on

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