“Refreshing” Yourself

In computer terminology, you can “refresh” a page on your computer by clicking a button and it will update the page with the latest information available to it.

This got me to thinking that sometimes I would like to click a button in myself and refresh my image or my skills or my knowledge on a specific topic, and so on. Wouldn’t it be fun if it were that easy … just a click?

However, easy or not, we need to continue to grow, expand and improve in all areas of our lives or we get stuck in a rut and stagnate, and the dwindling spiral of awareness and aliveness begins.


Have you ever sat down with yourself and made a list of things you would like to improve in yourself this week, month or year? I am NOT suggesting that you introvert and put yourself down! Quite the contrary. Here are some examples:

  • Look at what technical courses you should do to keep your professional skills topped up?
  • What courses would help you give your patients or clients better service?
  • What communication skills would help you run the team better?
  • What change could you make to your scheduling so that your appointments stay on time?
  • What systems could you put in place so that getting ready for work in the morning could be more efficient and more relaxing?
  • How could you work into your weekly schedule 2 hours of executive time for planning and handling admin etc. without coming in at night?

Figuring these things out and tackling them one at a time will give you growth and a sense of accomplishment. You’ll feel better about yourself because of the improvements and this will be reflected in all areas of your life.

Management skills need refreshing? WE CAN HELP!


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