Supersizing Your Free Time

Does your work seem like a never ending pile, and does it follow you home at night? Would you like to learn how to feel accomplished at the end of the work day and go home without a care on your mind? Here are some suggestions:

My favourite!

Schedule your day so that the task you least look forward to doing is first thing on the agenda. When you get it done, you will feel relieved and accomplished and that’s a great way to take on a day of work. The rest of the day will fly by and you’ll enjoy your free time more.

Get enough sleep!

Getting your 7 to 8 hours of ZZZZ time will keep you alert and energetic past the end of your work day so you are in good shape to enjoy your evening free time.

Finish what you start!

If you completed every task you started or needed to accomplish during the day, you will not take the orphans (leftovers or incompletes) home with you to haunt you.

Battleplan your day!

Write down everything you need to accomplish for the week and then break it down further into each day. There are plenty of apps in your cell phone or tablets to help you with this. Then mark the order that you will take on each task and start. Tick each one off as you get it done. You’ll then experience the forward motion. If at ALL possible, don’t go home til each one is done. If not possible, move the orphans over to the next day’s battleplan.

Create pleasure!

When you’re planning your day, put a least one pleasurable moment or task into your free time at the end of the day. Something that makes you look forward to the evening. And make sure you take that moment! It’s your reward for a day well done.

Enjoy your free time!

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