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Working as a healthcare provider full time, you may sometimes wonder if things could be done differently in your practice, or if you have aspects of the practice that are inefficient, or if you are achieving the full potential of your practice.

These are good self-analysis questions to ask.  In fact, if you aren’t evaluating your progress and your quality of service and your potential for growth from time to time, you are probably stagnating.

As a suggestion, why not have an external expert who has analyzed over 5,000 practices one-on-one over the last 25 years take an in-depth look at your practice.  We offer a Free Confidential Practice Analysis which is 3.5 hours in length and done in person or by Skype.  You will discuss with the Practice Analyst all areas of your practice, such as:  your professional and personal goals, your staffing, the vital statistics of the practice, the financial picture of the practice, internal and external marketing, the source of any cancellations and no shows, your Recall/Reminder system, and so on.

Whether you have an immediate crisis or are simply fine-tuning, this courtesy, no obligation consultation will be very useful.  You will find out what the FULL potential of your practice is.  Our available management consulting and training services will be presented as well so you will be aware of how we might be able to assist you in reaching your goals.

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