Practising in a Fog?

Days, weeks and months can speed by leaving you a little dazed and feeling like you haven’t accomplished anything.  Sometimes you may feel like you are in a fog and not sure what is going on and how to change it all.  Ever feel like YOU are “sinking the ship?”  Are your staff patiently waiting for you to solve everything and make it better?

Where are the answers?  How do you make the right decisions and provide the right guidance?

Tools for Success

It just might be that in college you did not get taught how to be the executive of a successful practice.  We have heard it thousands of times from our clients that you get taught the tools of your profession but not how to be a manager and that that is the source of all your stress.  In short, you are missing the management tools to make your practice life easier!

Here is what one of our clients wrote us recently:

“Well, the fog is lifting!  Thank you!

“I have been a veterinarian for 15 years and many aspects of my job are now comfortably familiar and routine.  When I have an odd or unique case, it is a challenge and a puzzle … but it is no longer a dread.  I would call myself “seasoned” in clinical practice now.

“BUT … as a new solo business owner … I am starting over.  I was plagued with the steep upward climb of managing and growing my clinic and not “sinking the ship.”  With your guidance [Consulting] and with each course [Executive Training] I take, the fog is lifting, the sun is breaking through and I feel like the flowers are blooming and the critters are coming back out!  This course will give me the skills to evaluate my practice and “lift the fog” for my staff as well.

“I can’t wait for them to feel the same as I do!  My goals for a healthy, growing business with “charged up” and inspired staff are taking shape.

  • As a Mom, I want what is best for my kids.
  • As a wife, what is best for my family.
  • As a business owner … what is best for the clinic.
  • As a boss … what is going to inspire and provide for my staff.

“All possible with this new knowledge.  Thank you.”

It’s no secret!

So there you go … it’s no secret:  Management training and some customized consulting can change your whole life for the better and for all those around you!

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