Management Courses

What are AMI Management Programs?

AMI’s Management Programs are all-inclusive programs tailored to the needs of your practice. It all starts with you, the owner and chief executive. When starting out in private practice, you probably knew what your “ideal scene” was for your practice.

You expected to put in a few years of hard work after professional training, and it would all pay off, giving you the means to enjoy life, in and out of your practice. There was just one small detail left out of the equation: management skills are imperative for you to reach your full potential.

What can an AMI Management Program do for me?

The Art Of Management works with you as the owner of the practice and helps you take control of its future (which does NOT mean doing all the work yourself!). We help you become a skilled executive who runs a finely-tuned, patient-focused practice with the full support of your team.


“My professional life has completely changed since starting with AMI. I feel comfortable and confident in managing my staff. I am a strong leader. I’ve learned how to make good changes to the way I practice my profession. I’ve got a strong grasp on HOW to run a business.”

Erin Fairbanks – Chiropodist

What makes AMI different than other companies?

We are different in that we coach and train you as the key executive, to maintain the changes and continue the future growth of the practice. Our unique approach is the reason we are more cost effective than other consulting and practice management companies.


“AMI gave me the tools to run my practice more efficiently. They helped me create structure. I learned how to distribute the work load off of my plate and among my staff. My days are predictable which allow me to spend more time with my family. I am no longer stressed out. My billings have increased too. I am actually working fewer days and less hours within a work day, but billing more than when I was working full time.”

Jodie Atkinson – Denturist


What kind of training can I get from AMI?

AMI’s training will help you in the key areas that you need to successfully run your practice. We work one-on-one with you on your own chosen time-table, and we have an emphasis on practical exercises to increase your confidence and ability to apply your new skills in your practice.


“Through the AMI program and by applying the concepts I learned along with the consultant’s common sense suggestions, our clinic has had a complete turnaround. Occasionally, there are issues that still arise with staff and the clinic but the difference now is that I am able to deal with and correct these situations. Production is way up, staff morale is up, and my job satisfaction has increased. Most importantly, my life away from the clinic has improved.”

Dr. Tammy Wilde – Veterinarian