Management Consulting

Here at AMI, our goal is to put you in full control of your own practice. Our customized, Canadian-style management consulting program is designed to help you isolate and handle the issues which are preventing you from achieving your goals. Whether you want to improve your practice operations and performance or take it to a whole new level, your consultant will work with you throughout the entire process as your personal trainer.

Imagine working with a consultant who has more than 30 years of experience working with 1,600+ healthcare professionals across Canada! Each step of the consulting is designed to help you put in systems and structures in place that will make it easier to manage your practice, easier for your staff to do their jobs and easier to provide your patients with the care they deserve to have.


“AMI gave us strategies and advice on how to implement policies and protocols to make things more stable and structured, and it is now easier to control the practice and ensure that things are getting done.”

Dr. Marla Peters & Dr. Jordan D’Eon – Dentists

“When we started with AMI we were tired, stressed, overworked, overwhelmed!  Take your pick!  We had no idea that the things we would learn would change So many things!!  We learned “how to handle our situation”.   For that, we are forever thankful!”

Terri & Dr. Jeremy Fournier –  Dentist

“I don’t know what it means to stay late at work, or be frustrated that there just isn’t enough time in the day, etc. because with AMI, I have hired the right people at the right times so I don’t run into troubles that can jeopardize my practice or family life.”

Nada Bajic – Denturist

“Whatever comes our way, I now have the tools I need and the expertise to draw on whenever we need. Many thanks to all of the staff at AMI – keep up the good work!”

Dr. Andy Acton – Veterinarian