Free Practice Analysis

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What is a practice analysis?

A practice analysis with AMI is an opportunity for you, as the practice owner, to step back and take an in-depth look at all the inner workings of your practice.


Why have a practice analysis?

If you’ve ever wondered if there was more you could do for your practice and your patients or clients, and you just weren’t sure what that “more” was, you should have a practice analysis.


What happens afterwards?

After meeting with your analyst, you will have a good idea of where changes can be made, and the analyst can make recommendations on how we can help.


How does it all work?

Your free AMI practice analysis is 3.5 hours long. If you are in or near Toronto, the meeting is held at our offices near Toronto Pearson International Airport; otherwise, we can meet with you by Skype or FaceTime.

Free Practice Analysis

More About Your Practice Analysis


Your analyst will give you a thorough presentation of what we do and how our management training works.


Key questions about your day-to-day practice life, and your practice statistics will provide an accurate picture of where you currently stand, and what your true potential is. Everything that affects your ability to provide ideal care for your patients is covered to isolate the strengths and weaknesses in your practice.


The end goal of this meeting is to provide you with a clear idea of what things can change in your practice so that it becomes what you imagine it could be.


Once you uncover which areas are in need of improvement, the analyst will be able to make recommendations on how our services can help you to handle those areas. If you then decide to go further with us, we will be able to provide you with consulting and management tools tailored to your specific practice and personal goals.

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