While most of the practice owners we meet with enjoy the profession they chose in varying degrees from “like it” up to “passionate about it”, almost every one of them would give their eye teeth for more time away from the practice (without decreasing their take home pay).

This can range from “I would like shorter hours,” to “I would like to start earlier and go home earlier so I can pick up the kids when school gets out,” to “I would like to stop working 6 days per week,” and so on.  Those are the common bits of magic we work with our clients to arrange.  No problem.

But how about seriously increased time away from the practice?  Have you ever wished for that?  Here is some “out of the box” thinking our clients have asked for and we have helped them achieve:

  1. One client puts away $2,000 per year per staff member (and he has a large number of them) for continuing education and they plan a trip somewhere and bring a speaker.  This has ranged from a cruise ship, to a resort, to Las Vegas.
  2. Another chose to work way up north for two weeks each month and do 80 hour weeks and then he goes home to a beautiful vacation city to be with his family full time for 2 weeks.  Skype keeps the family in touch when away.
  3. A client with 2 kids (10 and 12) wanted to go with her husband to Africa where they worked in a clinic for 2 months for a life/work experience.  The children helped out in the village orphanage as their work experience.
  4. Another practitioner works 3 weeks of 40 hours (instead of 30-32 hours per week) and then takes a week off to study, or travel, or just relax at home.
  5. A few years ago, we had a client who worked in his own practice in Canada for 7 weeks and then worked at a practice in the Caribbean for one week.  (He and his family liked the Caribbean so much, he eventually sold his Canadian practice and bought the one in the Caribbean.)
  6. Several of our clients like to work for 3 months in their own practice and then go work for a week or 10 days in a third world country for free.
  7. Years ago, a client hired 4 associates, got them fully booked, and trained a good Office Manager and traveled the world.  He only came home once in a while to practice for the hours required to keep his license active.
  8. Another client had 3 little children at home and wanted to work 2 days a week and do a ½ day of management, so we got 2 associates in and built them up till they were fully booked and then our client was freed to be with her family.

The variations go on and on.  But what would YOU like?  Do you have a dream as yet unfulfilled to go to Thailand, India, South America, across Canada, or just more time at home to do other things besides practice?

We can help you achieve your dreams.  Just meet with us for a free in-depth practice analysis and tell us these goals and we will help you work out how to make them happen.


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