“It Can’t Be Done” Attitude

There are many types of people in this world.  Some you want to work for you and some you don’t.  For instance, have you ever had a team member whose usual response to any order or idea is, “It can’t be done,” or, “It won’t work.”  This can result in a lot of frustration for you and you don’t have time for it. 

What to do about it?

Ideal Scene

Here is how a great team member would respond to an order:  “Yes, Dr. ___.  When would you like it done by?”  If the order doesn’t make sense or seems like it would be incorrect to carry out:  “May I ask a question about that order?”  They can always query or ask for clarification of an order (politely).  You just don’t want constant backflash, saying it can’t be done.

Most good staff are very willing to help and to follow up on your directions.  They understand that you ARE the boss and you are paying them to help you.

Other side of the coin

However, there are people who “stop” everything.  It all seems impossible.  They don’t want to be controlled.  Many unpleasant confrontations can result from dealing with this type of team member.  And ultimately, if they are unwilling to change their ways after you have tried multiple times to correct them, do you really want to have this person on your team aggravating your day and probably the patients’ days as well?  

Also, this person can bring down the tone of your whole team and there goes your cheerful, inviting practice and the potential referrals from your happy patients.  And ultimately, your practice won’t grow and in fact, may even shrink.

Ideal Team

Having an ideal team that works smoothly and cheerfully together to give your patients the very best possible care and service is a wonderful thing.  And that is the way your practice should be.  However, it doesn’t “just happen”, it is created by you, an effective executive! If you need any help with this, we are here for you.  Just call!


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