Keeping Your Eye on the Future

Have you ever had a bad day where everything seemed to go wrong?  How about a frustrating day where you were becoming a zombie by the end of it?  Have you had more than one of these days?  If yes, you have plenty of company with pretty much every human being.

The bottom line question is:  How did you deal with it?

Hit the Delete Button

First of all, we might suggest that you banish all your memories of those bad days since they are done and over.  Just hit the DELETE button.  Don’t dwell on them and let them stack up and become a pattern for your future.

Sometimes it helps to sit down at the end of a bad day and analytically look at all that happened and work out how to reorganize to prevent that from happening again.  What firm policy could you work out that will avoid the pitfalls that you fell into?

Hit the Forward Button

What, you don’t have a FORWARD button?  Try closing your eyes instead, and look into the future.  How would you LIKE your day to go tomorrow?  What would be the best possible scenario?  How could you create it?  What help would you have to ask for?  What directions would you have to give?  Really flesh the image of the future out in your mind.

Keeping your eye on the future and visualizing a better one is a powerful way to end a bad streak and start creating an ideal future.

Not everything will automatically go right at all times in your life.  However, you must stop saying, “Okay, hit while I’m down,” or “What else could possibly go wrong?”  Instead, say to yourself, “That’s enough of that.  How can I fix this or turn this into a good day?” 

It can be kind of magical if you just remember to do that!

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