Intention Wins Every Time

Some wonder if there is a “secret formula” for building a great practice. Well, there IS a basic, or underlying, formula.

It is a very short formula, one word: INTENTION.

Let’s take a look at exactly what intention is. According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, intention is the “determination to do a specific thing or act in a specified manner”. Also, “aim, end, or purpose.” As the executive of the practice, you have goals that you want to achieve with the practice (if you don’t, you should!). You also give directions or orders to your staff to accomplish certain steps that you set up toward the attainment of the goals.

Once you have formulated your goals, you then need the intention (determination) to get them met. It’s the one element that, if not present, your chances of success in any venture are next to nothing. We ‘intend’ things all day long. We intend to get up in the morning and we do. We intend to go to work and we do. The difference here is that getting up and going to work don’t require THAT much intention simply because they are short-term actions. Actions that are longer term, such as building your practice, require sustained intention. In other words, PERSISTENCE. That is, you don’t just intend it once and then give up, hoping that it will all work out. Your intention needs to be there all the time, non-stop — persistent.

As an example, in your marketing efforts, you would first formulate your intention, i.e. what do you want to achieve? Once you get the marketing plan in place and running, you must then maintain the consistency; don’t let up or slack off. Another point to consider is that if you INTEND to get something done, PERSIST until it is. The biggest faux pas we see in practices from the executive end is not pushing through until you have achieved your aim.

If you are not putting all of your intention into building your practice, and things haven’t been going well, then you’ll continue to have things ‘not going well’ unless you change something. Intention is what wins the game, every time. If you need help in your practice, don’t hesitate to get it. The longer you wait, the longer you will suffer with bad conditions and problems.

It takes courage to have intention and carry through. It takes courage to not give up. Intention also carries with it the responsibility of doing what you intend to do. So take full responsibility for your own decision to be successful and DO what needs to be done in order to succeed and you’ll see – intention wins every time.

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