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The Surprised Author

My staff like surprising me, and this year they REALLY surprised me by bundling 56 of my practice management advice articles into a paperback format and got it published on Amazon!  They presented the book to me on my birthday as a gift.  I was probably the most “surprised author” ever as I did not

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Squirrel Moments

There is a whole universe of ways to waste your precious production time and it would waste even more of your time if I were to list a bunch of them. I thought, however, that I would take up one kind of time waster that I find myself guilty of.  A fun doctor recently told

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How Heidi Turned Me into a New Client

When someone contacts your office for the first time, there is a first impression that takes place instantly in the potential patient or client’s mind.  The person may not have had any previous knowledge of your practice and simply be a cold call.  It is like writing on a blank slate.  And it is up

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