Activating Inactive Patients

Keep them coming back

Patients can be slippery people sometimes.  You and your team just have the desire to help them, and yet some of them resist you and do not keep up to date or follow through with your care.  Some of them slip through the cracks and are difficult to reactivate unless they have an emergency to bring them back in to see you.

The first question is, how do you define an Active Patient?  When we meet to do a free, in-depth Practice Assessment, we ask how many Active Patients the practice has.  This is an important gauge that can tell us many things, including when it is time to market more, or add more staff, or get an associate, etc.  We usually define “Active Patients” as the number of unique patients of the practice (not emergency patients) that you have seen in the last one year.

Patients who come in less frequently than that may need more education on their health and your professional help – somehow they are not completely tracking with you.  We often do a Reactivation Program with our clients when we start working together since getting past patients back into the practice is quicker and cheaper than marketing to find new ones.

Many practitioners, when we meet for the complimentary Practice Analysis, think that there are not many patients who leave the practice without an appointment, but are shocked when they dig into the matter to find that there are a great deal more than they had thought.  Obviously, this is not a good state of affairs and the back door needs to be firmly closed on this.  We can help find out why this is happening and put in the proper protocols and systems to rectify this quickly and easily.

Don’t let this situation continue to affect your goals for your practice.  All you have to do is click here right now to arrange a free Practice Assessment, and who knows, it could be the beginning of a great partnership in your future success!

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