10 Ways to Find Good Staff


Due to the pandemic, a high percentage of practices have been hit with staffing issues like never before.  I can’t tell you how many practice owners in the last 10 months have told me, “There are no good staff out there!.”

However, during the same time period, hundreds of our clients have in fact found excellent team members by applying certain hiring techniques and tips.

Maybe the problem is …

  1. Maybe you already have a mindset that “there are no good staff out there.” If that is so, then you definitely won’t find one as you are closing the door before anyone can walk through.  Factually, there are great staff out there, but it starts out with your belief that it can be done.
  2. Maybe you are looking for the wrong candidate. Some practice owners have resigned themselves to hiring “the first warm body” who presents themselves because they are so desperate.  Others may be looking for someone who is older and more experienced, or younger with no experience, or want someone part time with weird hours.  The clearer you are on exactly what you are looking for, the more likely it is that the right candidate will knock on your door.  This happens a lot!
  3. Maybe the position is not defined well enough. Occasionally, a practice owner is looking for some who has skills in every aspect of the practice but only need a receptionist.  Having a well-written job description is important.
  4. Maybe the job has no challenges that would make a go-getter interested. If your ad makes it sound boring and ordinary, you may be passed over by your perfect candidate.
  5. Maybe the wage you are offering is not significant enough. It is better to pay a bit higher wage than the usual for your area to attract the right candidate than to lose out to one of the corporate practices who tend to pay a bit higher. What perks do you offer?  Are there bonuses for monthly production?  Are there benefits? Losing money for lack of staff to help generate it is not a savings.
  6. Maybe you are not looking in the right places. Where are you posting your ads?  The local and provincial associations often have job sites where you can post, there is Job Bank through the government, Indeed is a free online app that allows you to post your ad and doesn’t limit you on your description (you can also pay but no real need to), Kijiji is another online site, and so on.  Also, are you staff putting out the message to all their friends and acquaintances?  NOTE:  Your ad needs to be fun, interesting, attractive, challenging, etc.  It can be boring.  (Email me for samples)
  7. Maybe you are not advertising widely enough. One of our clients was having a hard time finding an associate and we told her to advertise across Canada and into the north-eastern U.S.A. near them and lo and behold, she suddenly had 3 great candidates!  People are often willing to move to different cities or communities.
  8. Maybe your practice culture is not inviting. Cranky staff or doctors, no camaraderie, no group volunteer work in the community, and so on can turn away a highly desirable candidate.  These can be obvious if the candidate comes for an interview when the practice is open and observes the “mood” of the office.
  9. Maybe your website and Facebook pages are boring or lack lustre. Nothing special to attract someone to you.  No fun postings of birthday celebrations or other staff activities on Facebook.  And you know that any smart candidate is going to check those things before even committing to an interview.
  10. Maybe you need a wonderful Mission Statement that you could post in your ad that would make someone want to come and be part of your team. Let me know if you would like more info on how to write one for your practice.

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