January 2, 2014

Break through

Breaking Through Your Glass Ceiling

Complacency and apathy Complacency is probably the number one enemy of practitioners in all professions. Trapped in a daily pattern of delivery and thinking that nothing can change is an apathy that slowly sneaks up on many healthcare providers. Some even think that they are doing the best that can be done, yet they have

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MBA vs. Functional MBA

I asked a chiropractor recently, “Are you an effective executive in your practice?” His answer: “No, I’m a chiropractor.” What’s wrong with this picture? While being a good healthcare provider is definitely a must for any good practice, your schools have left out 6/7’s of the training required to reach your practice’s full potential. For

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Ever Felt Like Firing Yourself?

As a practice owner, many have felt that there are days when they have thoroughly mucked up something and should fire themselves. It’s that or fire everyone else in the practice. Are either of these solutions rational? Probably not but what, then, is the answer? No Management Training? First of all, if you have been

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