MBA vs. Functional MBA

I asked a chiropractor recently, “Are you an effective executive in your practice?” His answer: “No, I’m a chiropractor.”

What’s wrong with this picture?

While being a good healthcare provider is definitely a must for any good practice, your schools have left out 6/7’s of the training required to reach your practice’s full potential. For the most part, you were only trained in the Treatment Division.

You weren’t taught what in school?

You were not taught all the best marketing methods and techniques and how to tell what’s working and what’s not; nor how to hire the right staff; nor how to “sell” your service (i.e. get your patients to accept the ideal care they deserve to have); nor how to be a good leader, give positive orders, train your staff, correct your staff, and organize for efficiency and production; nor how to handle your finances so as to increases your profits; nor how to use your weekly and monthly stats to see what is working and what is not so as to grow the practice effectively; and so on.

Can an MBA help?

A few of our clients have even done MBA’s to try and solve their practice difficulties and to try and learn how to grow it to the next level but found that these were next to useless when it comes down to day to day management of a healthcare practice.


What “school” not only teaches you the management skills you need (as outlined above) through tutoring on short, practical courses, and then consults to implement the necessary changes step by step back at your practice to improve your practice to its full potential? And what “school” has given this functional MBA to 1,300 Canadian healthcare providers? We have! We can help!

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