Zero Business Training = Lost Income

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As a professional, you have gone through stringent and extensive training in your profession in order to give your patients the quality of technical care they deserve to have.  And this is the way it should be.

However, the other half of your “care” to your patients is the quality of service that you and your team provide.  This is the management side of the business which the colleges rarely address.  And lack of efficient management tools and training results in mega lost income.  How can you be the best you can be or reach your full potential if you have not received the management training to achieve it?

When we provide our clients with the missing management training and consulting, the results are increases in income ranging from 30% to 100%.  Without our help, they were losing 100’s of thousands of dollars per year.  And most of them are pretty bright people … bright enough to know that they didn’t know how, and bright enough to look for the missing training.  They stopped kidding themselves and looked for help.

Most consulting companies only “fix” things for you which is often only a temporary band-aid solution, but leave you as an untrained exec still running the practice (or not).  Our approach is unique in that we are training YOU to run your own practice and coaching you into how to do it.

What our clients have to say:

“I now have the tools to objectively manage my practice using statistics so I can continually monitor practice performance.  I have the confidence and skills to effectively lead my team and continue to grow to meet my practice goals.  Going through the program with AMI was the most important business decision I have made in my career.  Today, my practice is thriving.  I love what I do, and I have more free time to spend with my family.”
Dr. Dennis Milenov

“Your program and business strategies helped me to manage my staff and patients and implement effective changes.  … Your team dug me out of a financial hole I dug myself into and I would recommend AMI to anyone looking for professional business expertise, the stuff they don’t teach you in professional schools.”
Dr. Rosanna Porretta

“AMI gave us strategies and advice on how to implement policies and protocols to make things more stable and structured, and it is now easier to control the practice and ensure that things are getting done. …Of course, our production levels have increased substantially as a result.  Now WE are running the practice as opposed to the practice running us, thanks to our AMI management training and consulting.”
Dr. Marla Peters and Dr. Jordan D’Eon

“When we started with AMI we were tired, stressed, overworked, overwhelmed!  We had no idea that the things we would learn would change so many things!!!  We learned “how to handle our situation”.  For that, we are forever thankful!  And … we are enjoying our free time!”
Terri & Dr. Jeremy Fournier

“One year ago my business was struggling in many ways and I was too stressed to see the forest through the trees.  However, under Bob’s guidance and with his detailed action plan, everything improved radically and in a very short time.”
Dr. Phil Nasralla

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