The 4 Top Website Errors

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There sure are a lot of website creators in the marketplace but the questions are always, “Will they build me a good one that will attract new patients to my office?” and “How will I know BEFORE I hire them that they are right for me?”

Case in point, I recently was going to be meeting with a denturist in eastern Canada and I went on Google to find his website to see what he looks like and what his competition is like.  This is what pretty much any potential patient is going to do as well, these days.  Know before you choose and go there.

What came up were 4 denture clinics in that small city.  The first two on the list had beautiful team photos so I was attracted to them and checked them out first.  There were multiple denturists working in each and lots of information about them and the team and lots of photos.

The other two practices were designed by Yellow Pages and were basic models, one better than the other but not by much.  The one I was looking for didn’t even have any photos of himself or his team.  Definitely not good.

Assuredly, if a potential new patient had done the same homework, they would have decided on one of the first two clinics, the second on the list being the most attracting one.

Here are the 4 top website errors:

  1. No photos of the provider and the team. This is essential nowadays because pretty well everyone is going to Google you before seeing you.  And if they can’t see you and there is another choice of practice and they have photos, you lose.  But, make sure it is a good photo.  Get a professional to do them, and don’t stand against a wall looking like a criminal.  For sure you should smile, and ideally, be laughing or doing something that shows your personality.  If you have children, have a photo of you playing with them or kicking a soccer ball, or something.  Nothing more endearing than family fun.  Having photos of your team is also a big plus.
  2. No photos of the practice so your potential new patient can see that it is neat and clean. Again, some strategically taken photos by an expert can make a big difference.
  3. No “short story” of the history of the practice or the provider. Do not be long winded, but make it warm and fuzzy and caring.  Keep in mind that the rule nowadays is more pictures and videos and less words.  In fact, a short, well-shot 1 minute video of you speaking about your office and the services can put you at the top of the list of choices.  Be sure you smile in the video!
  4. No Google Reviews or only 1 or 2. If your competitors have 12 and you have 1, what does that say about you to a potential new patient?  Your own patients need to help you out here and give you some positive reviews, but you usually have to ask for them.  Even if one of your competitors has a bad review, if there are 12 more good ones, that makes them the winner.  It looks real and like he or she is doing a great job.

The Loser

The person I was checking up on had no photos of him at all on the website, none of the inside of the practice, none of the staff.  There was no history or details about him as the practice owner.  And he only had one so-so Google review.  I would never have chosen him to work on me.

I would however have chosen him to be one of our clients because I know that if we were to help him with only this one part of his marketing, he would expand.

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