The Winning Attitude

The Winning Attitude

I watched a Disaster Decks renovation show on TV on Sunday night and was inspired by the gentleman whose disastrous deck was being re-born. He of course was required to help. He is a pro football player and everything he was asked to do, whether he knew how to or not, he willingly jumped into and learned. He didn’t back off once from any of the challenges thrown at him. Such a winning attitude: “BRING IT ON!” He gave me a fresh insight on what it takes to be a professional. A professional anything … receptionist, assistant, office manager, practice owner.

In running a practice, whether it is big or small, and no matter what part of a practice one is running, you can NEVER say you know it all. That shows a distinct lack of intelligence and curiosity. And a professional always wants it to be perfect … no sloppiness, no “oh well, that’s good enough,” nor “they’ll never notice that small error, no big deal.” No backing off from taking on new challenges.

There are ALWAYS better ways to do anything, and even though our company teaches many of these ways, we too are always on the look out for even more efficient or cool ways to do things. And there will always be challenges for us too … we hope!

One of our clients once said (some years after finishing our training and coaching program): “The problems we had six years ago no longer exist. We now have more pleasant problems – how to deal with the challenges associated with success. AMI trained us to handle all the new and old problems.”

In other words, the learning curve is just that … a curve upward with no end in sight. Doing technical courses is of course mandatory so that you continually improve the quality of service you deliver. Doing administrative training allows more and better service to be delivered as well. Search for new ways to do things in your office. Envision how much bigger your practice could be.

Two of our clients from the past (who had used our services to create really terrific practices) came to a conference we held in March this year and they had an epiphany … they had unknowingly started to coast and “wait” for retirement. Their practices were also declining a bit which is a disaster in the making when it comes time to sell it. The conference sparked them back to life and put them back into the “Bring It On” mentality. They are now back at their practices and we are coaching them into even better ways to do things. Upward curve! (We are doing another 3 day Power Practice Conference on Marketing on October 3, 4, 5, 2014.)

Moral of this story: Look into the future and find some challenges that interest you. Take the “Bring It On” attitude and GO FOR IT!

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