What is your Superpower?


Everyone has at least one superpower – sometimes many.  Whether you are a boss or a staff member, there are a variety of superpowers that you can develop and practice, and may already have.

Okay, so maybe you’re not Superman or Spiderman or Wonder woman, but what superpowers DO you possess that can help you conquer the problems you face every day?  Here is a list of a few choices for starters:

  1. Superstrength. Working out regularly at the gym or at home can help you obtain some pretty cool muscles and strength for endurance on those long days at the office.  As a practitioner, you need durability to withstand all the pressure of your work-a-day world.
  2. Superhealth. Ha, bet you didn’t realize that is a superpower!  Being able to eat healthily and not get sick is a very important power in order to enjoy your days and not miss production days off work.  Don’t you wish that your whole team and their families had this ability – no more sick days leaving you shorthanded at work?
  3. Speed. Now maybe you’re pretty quick on the feet and move with great agility and speed, but of course there are assistive devices like skateboards, rollerblades, mopeds, and so on.  Many practitioners have told me they move so fast during the day that the solution was rollerblades to go faster.  Perhaps instead, they should use their hiring superpower and find a terrific associate to take the load off.
  4. Mind reading (Telepathy). Have you ever known what someone was going to do before they did it?  Or, you knew what someone was going to complain about before they even opened their mouth?  Don’t you wish you could expand on this one?
  5. Time travel. This is done with your imagination … not what the doom and gloom people and chaos merchants predict but rather, what would you like to have happen in your future.  You probably do time travel all the time by zooming into the future and imagining things you want to accomplish, and then they happen, right?  Sometimes you may travel back to the past and feel sad, but try not to go there – face the future and make it be how you want it.
  6. Memory manipulation. Have you ever experienced hearing 3 versions of the story of what happened in a mishap in the office?  Perhaps Time Travel would an excellent solution here to go back in time and do an instant replay!

Professional Superpowers

Let’s take a look at what other superpowers you have that you may not have recognized as such.

For instance:

  • a dentist can make humans smile and take away pain and give confidence.
  • A chiropractor can bring bodies back to life and wellness, which gives us joy.
  • A veterinarian can restore pet(s) back to health and happier companionship.
  • Optometrists can give back perfect vision so we can appreciate the sights of the world.
  • Denturists give back what mother nature may have taken away – the ability to smile and chew good food, like steaks, pork chops, apples, and so on.
  • And then, there are the chiropodists/podiatrists of the world who put you back on your feet.

One More Superpower

These superpowers come with great responsibility as well (which is another superpower itself) in that you are responsible for your patients and the successful outcome of your treatments.  They are completely trusting your superpowers to make their lives better – and you do, every day!

Don’t underestimate the amazingness of how your superpowers change lives for the better!

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