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Are you and your practice “future driven”, or are you just coping, or worse yet, are you slowly being left in the dust?

In other words, where is your attention?  The bulk of mankind is found in the middle ground of “getting by” or doing the “same old, same old” every day, just coping with what life is throwing at them.  They are not working towards improving the practice or other aspects of their lives.  They could be said to be “slowly losing their drive”.

Another percentage of the population are not keeping up with the latest technology and have lost interest in getting ahead in life and are thinking about “the good old days when…”.  The game of life has ended for them and they are just putting in time till the game is over finally.

Focussed on the Future

The top group, however, have their eyes and minds focussed on the future.  They are determined to achieve something or be so successful that all their behaviour is directed towards this aim.

For some healthcare professionals who are future driven, it may be the latest technology and technical perfection they are striving for, and this is a particularly good thing!  For others, it may be to be the biggest and best practice in their whole area.  Others are entrepreneurs who want to own a whole chain of practices.

For some, there are financial goals of security and safety (especially when a pandemic shuts your practice down for 3 months).  Or maybe they are striving to deliver the highest quality service, from the front of the practice to the back, that anyone can accomplish.

Goals are goals and there are many to go after.  They give you something to look forward to and happiness.

Future Inspirations

Here are some great quotes to inspire you to be future driven:

“Those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.”  – JFK

“The past is in your head.  The future is in your hands.”

“The past is your lesson.  The present is your gift.  The future is your motivation.”

“Push harder than yesterday if you want a better tomorrow.”

“Every next level of your life will demand a different you.”

“Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.”

“Stay positive, work hard, make it happen.”

Drive into the Future!

You can drive yourself into the most amazing future!  Look what you did just to get through all the schooling to become the professional you are.  And look at what it took to have your practice.  You got this!

Splurge on creating the best future you can imagine!

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