What is your DREAM practice?


There are a number of phases one goes through as a healthcare professional.  When you chose your profession, there was a reason you chose it.  It may have been to follow a passion you have or it may simply have been a practical business decision.  Then, as you went through your schooling, you may have developed a strong interest in being a shining example of technical perfection.  When you graduated, you may have just wanted to get some income going and so you may have associated for a while.

During that phase, you probably started dreaming of your ideal practice and so the planning began.  What exactly were you dreaming of?  What did you envision?  What were you hoping would happen?

And now that you have a practice, where are you at in terms of achieving that perfect practice?

The Dream Practice

Here is a self-assessment list to see how close you are to achieving your dream practice.  Be sure to be completely honest with yourself.

  • Your patients or clients appreciate you and your quality service.
  • You exceed the expectations of your patients or clients and make them very happy with the results they achieve. They may even hug you to show appreciation.
  • A staff team that is energetic and enthusiastic, in great communication with you, and who go above and beyond their job descriptions. They are so on the ball that they may even save your bacon by their alertness when you forget something.
  • Your clientele love your staff and compliment you on them.
  • A strong mission statement and action plans to carry it out.
  • Cancellations and no shows are almost non-existent.
  • Referrals are abundant.
  • Your office layout is ideal for maximum efficiency, and it is very attractive. People comment on how amazing it looks.
  • Your net income is all you ever dreamed of or hoped for.
  • Your staff is well paid and happy with the bonuses they are earning.
  • You always wanted to own your own ideal premises and either have bought the place or are well on your way to acquiring it.
  • You are a strong leader and a well-trained executive who guides the team in the direction you want them to go for achieving the perfect practice. You are able to nurture and correct them effectively.
  • Your treatment plan presentation skills are well-trained in so that patients get the ideal care they deserve to have.
  • Your front desk staff totally represents your practice the way you want.
  • Your front desk staff are excellent at handling shoppers and turning them into new patients.
  • You have an easy-to-do marketing plan that reaches out to the kind of patients you want to attract and is doing so without costing an arm and a leg.
  • You use the statistics of the practice to measure the quantity and quality of service in order to keep improving the scene.
  • The practice expenses are under control and paid on time.
  • You have the hours that you always wanted to work and that facilitate a happy life/work balance.

There are probably a lot more specifics that you could add to this list as each practitioner is very unique.

Now that you have assessed the list above, make a strategy of how to get each point accomplished.

If you would like assistance, we would be honoured to help you achieve the practice of your dreams.  We have been doing that for 28 years with thousands of practices.

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