Why Waste Your Breath?

I can do it

Ever had to face an impossible task or a killer deadline? Some people go into immediate protest: “No way,” “it can’t be done,” “get someone else to do it,” “why did you leave it to the last minute,” or “you expect all this to be done by when…?”

The above are all reactions I have had at one time or another. And many others are with me on this. But what comes next separates the men from the boys, so to speak. Here the hard workers and truly amazing staff stand out from the shiftless, lazy or “roll over and die” types.

Having protested and railed against the impossibility or unfairness of it all, I then catch my breath and take it on full bore and make it happen. Get the job done and pull off miracles. It is far easier than laying back and being a failure and living with yourself knowing that you let the team down.

The people who just argue and sit around and say it can’t be done are the ones who pull projects down or slow them down or don’t even try to accomplish “the impossible.” They have no real fight back and just roll over and give up. Not your ideal teammate in a rough or emergency situation, are they?

Of course, there is a third type: there are those who are one step above us that don’t even waste their breath arguing at all. Instead, they have a “bring it on” attitude and do not feel that any challenge is too great. They just dig in and get it done with no argument or reaction.

I am definitely working on not wasting my breath and moving fully into that last category. It is a far easier way to live life. Go for the gusto and accept the challenges thrown your way! The sense of accomplishment can be exhilarating!

So don’t waste your breath … just face the challenge and have fun!

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