Does “Winging It” Actually Work?

Over the years, we have witnessed many “styles” of management that were in place before beginning to work with our healthcare clients.

Although most professionals do NOT “wing it” when it comes to delivering their highly technical services, the management side of things is another matter. And, to answer the question “does winging it actually work?” the answer is “yes, it does.” We have witnessed a fair number of practices that just seem to magically come together and make it to a certain level by winging it. However, the next question is, “How WELL does winging it work?”

The answer to THAT question is that there are so many inefficiencies and missed opportunities that result in the practice owner working so much harder or losing so much potential income that we wonder why they don’t do something about it.

When we help put systems and structure into a practice, the efficiency levels and income go up, and the stress levels go down.

  • The future goals and purposes are strategically planned out.
  • There is now a trained executive running the show.
  • Staff meetings become team production planning.
  • There is a policy manual that is continually updated with successful actions.
  • There are job descriptions for one and all.
  • Protocols are set up for procedures in the practice for consistency.
  • Efficient systems result in a practice that runs smoothly.
  • Scheduling ideal days helps everyone’s stress levels go down.
  • Staff meetings that are production planning sessions pull the team together.
  • Scheduled promotion and marketing results in stable growth.
  • Bonus systems encourage “outside the box” thinking and production.
  • Morning huddles for planned out days help make the day run smoother.
  • Statistical management tools establish what is working and what isn’t.

The results of systems and structure are happier staff who shine and experience an upsurge in morale, a happier, more relaxed practice owner, and patients who observe a more relaxed and service-oriented atmosphere.

Moral of the story: Be as professional in the management of your practice as you are in the delivery of your technical service. You will win, your staff will win, and most importantly, your patients will win. Why wing it when you can be GREAT!


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