Too Many Problems, Too Few Solutions?

Ever wake up some mornings and wish that you could hide out under the covers for the day, or at least a few more hours even though you had enough sleep?

You’re probably too disciplined to do that if it is a workday, but where did that impulse come from? Is there something you wish you could avoid today (or every day)?  Too many problems with too few solutions?  Do you feel a bit overwhelmed?

There is a possible answer to help overcome the inertia:


When faced with a bleak day or situation or overwhelm, this would probably be a very good time to sit down with yourself and review your purposes and goals in your life and your business.

Why did you start your business in the first place (or take the job you have, if you are an employee)?  What did you hope to achieve?  What would be the ideal scene?  What is your passion?

Look back to when you first started your business or work and really pin it down and define your goals and purposes well so you get refocused on where you are going in the present and the future.  When you have done this properly, you should feel a renewal or surge of energy and verve.


Getting your purpose back on track helps you to look down on the current problems with a bit of distance and find the right solutions that align with your long term aims.  If you don’t have a purpose to work towards, you can definitely feel out of alignment and purposeless.

Recreating your “passion” and direction and then really pouring yourself into it will strengthen you and help end any overwhelm you may have been experiencing.

Repeat After Me:

I am strong, I am smart, I am able, I can handle anything!

(Repeat this several times until you FEEL it.)

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