The Power Of Passion

On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you right now? Do you really, truly want to succeed? Are you thrilled with your goals for today? Is your passion at 8, 9 or 10?

If not, you need to learn to generate more passion for your work, your career and your life.

To succeed, you must be a passionate leader. Have you ever noticed how the best speeches of politicians, ministers or actors always include high-volume intensity? Their passion is unmistakable! You will also see this in the most successful people you know and admire.

Fortunately, you too can generate all the passion you need to succeed. You have the ability to motivate yourself; to concentrate on your purpose; to get yourself excited about what you do.

Your attitude sets the mood for everyone around you. They will get excited if you are excited. For example, recommendations you give to others that come from your heart have a much bigger impact than recommendations you give with no passion behind them.

Your Purpose:

When you organize all of the energy, your resources and your activities toward one focused goal, you not only feel more joy in what you are doing, you get more accomplished.

To do this, you need to follow a purpose. What makes you passionate? For which of the following objectives can you generate the most passion and intensity:

• Reaching a specific goal
• Accomplishing a certain level of perfection
• Earning the money to buy something you really need or want
• Fulfilling a duty to yourself or your family
• Building a highly successful business
• Helping others achieve success
• Becoming the best at what you do
• Hitting a specific production target

Once you select a purpose or game for which you can be passionate, go for it! Get intense!

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