The Do-It-Now Habit

Do you feel overworked? Do you have too much to do? Are you not making the progress you want to be making toward your goals?

Why can some people produce twice as much as others? Some people are SO efficient and organized they can make you feel like you are standing still.

For example, Jane not only handles three kids, but works 30 hours per week and runs a small business from her home office. Her house is always clean and she prepares delicious, healthy meals for her family.

Jill, on the other hand, has one daughter, makes no money, has no time to do her housework and prefers pizza delivery dinners.

To be more like Jane and less like Jill, break the bad habits and form a new good habit.

What is the Bad Habit?
The bad habit is seeing something you need to do – a task, a program, a phone message, an assignment, walk the dog, etc. – and deciding to do it later.

Instead of DOING it now, you look at it, think about doing it, consider the problems, sigh, and leave it for “later”. Nothing is accomplished. A total waste of time.

When you jump and do things at your first opportunity, you stay in better control of your job and your life while earning hours of extra time to use however you wish.

Form the Do-It-Now Habit
The best time to get into a do-it-now habit is, of course, RIGHT NOW!

1. Take a stack of papers, task or any kind of cluttered mess that you need to handle.

2. Take the first item.

3. Deal with it, handle it, do it now.

4. If you find it hard to do it now, make a reward. By increasing your efficiency you will have “spare” time to use how you wish.

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