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Practice Success!

A recent poll on the internet asking: What is the single biggest factor limiting practice success?  The choices were:  (1) clinical skills, (2) location, or (3) practice management?  Answer:  8% “clinical”, 25% “location” and 50% “practice management”, and 13% “other factors”. The three aspects could be likened to a three legged stool, where if you

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Organize For Success

Success seems to come to some people more easily than others. What are the secrets to achieving those dreams we dream? How can we make it easier and faster to reach those dreams? One of the answers is: ORGANIZATION. If you observe highly productive people who are getting a lot done and are achieving their

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Succeed Spectacularly!

The following is a quote from an article that appeared on LinkedIn recently, written by Dharmesh Shah, CEO HubSpot: “You try something and it fails. And yes, failing is no fun. But, what’s worse than failing is going sideways for years and years. The worst is being stuck in a quagmire of mediocrity. Things are

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Making Success

Many people in this world are spectators, watching the world news and the good and bad things happening around them, but not working out solutions or the handlings needed. They are waiting for something to happen. They are followers, not leaders, and so find themselves at the receiving end of a lot of undesirable effects.

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