stress free

Want to reduce your stress?

As a practice owner, life can be a bit (or a lot) hectic and aggravating (with all the decisions to be made) and tricky (dealing with certain patient/client situations) and demoralizing (when you see your profits plummet at the end of the month and you don’t know why) and even feels like a war zone

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Statistics Are Slippery Things!

When managing a business or a practice, keeping an accurate tabulation of your production is extremely useful.  If you don’t know the results of various actions or all your hard work, you can’t assess whether you are being successful or not. If a healthcare practitioner tells me they billed a certain number last week, I

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Overwhelmed and Stressed Out?

Ever feel overwhelmed by the number of things you need to accomplish RIGHT NOW OR ELSE? Whether it’s in the next hour, or the next day, or by the end of the week, it can sure create stress and sometimes you may even feel pulled in all directions at once and you’re not sure where

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