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A Whole New Level of Success

It’s a horrible truth to confront sometimes as the owner of a business, but the reason a practice is not growing or highly successful flows out from the practice owner as the leader, not the following “reasons”: “we’re in a recession,” “the economy is slow,” “no good staff available,” “too much competition in my area,”

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What Works When Managing Your Practice?

Which of these five statements do you believe are true? My business rises and falls based on the economy. My success is largely determined by luck. The weather influences my numbers hugely. I believe in fate and whatever happens, happens. My income controls me more than I control it. Of course, all of these statements

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Chicken or the Egg

The Chicken or The Egg?

There is an age-old question as to which comes first:  the chicken or the egg.  Waxing philosophical for another moment, here is another:  which comes first, a good boss or a good staff? Having met with more than 6,000 doctors and analyzed their practices, I have observed that many have felt that they only have

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Buying or Selling A Practice

Establishing the value or worth of a practice is a complex matter. There are more than 30 ways in which to calculate the value of a business and in fact there is a specialty certificate for accountants which deals specifically with this. A practice, no matter how it has been appraised, is only worth what

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