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Am I a Good Staff Member?

Bosses of the world, please pay attention as this is a seriously important question to every one of your staff.  You hire them, put them on the job and hope for the best.  Each one of them can make or break the success of your practice, and the brightest ones are aware of this and

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3 Important Tools to Increase Efficiency

Most practice owners say they are concerned with how to increase the efficiency and production of their practices.  Actually, most business people of any kind want the same thing.  So what is so mysterious or tricky about having a totally efficient practice? Let’s answer that first and then it will open the door as to

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Dealing with People

Emotions Running Wild?

Patients and clients experience a lot of different emotions when it comes to your services, right?  Some come in like lions and go out purring with contentment.  Some come in like tigers and go out like tigers.  The staff of your practice are pretty much confronted with a total cross-section of humanity and not all

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The 10 Key

Profit Killers

As a practice owner, are you interested in increasing the profitability of your practice? If yes, you are in good company with almost all practitioners. After 7 years of post-secondary education, on-going continuing educational courses, a major investment into starting or buying your practice, and a lot of sweat equity, you really DO deserve to

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When Everyone is NOT on the same page

Let’s say you own a practice and have an idea that you want to implement.  And it is a GREAT idea!  You call a staff meeting to present it and get everyone excited about it.  But, only some of them bought in and others didn’t.  Worse yet, what happens after the meeting? Answer:  You may

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Team Togetherness

Togetherness is not a word you would use to describe some of the teams we have run into in some practices over the years.  And yet, as a practice owner, it’s probably high on your “perfect practice” wish list that you have a team that gets along and bonds well. Factually, whether you have two

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Contacting Overdue Patients

It isn’t that past clientele don’t like you (necessarily), but sometimes patients or clients just sort of drop out of sight.  No specific reason given.  Your staff call them once or twice but may feel rebuffed or pushed off and it can be awkward.  The person doesn’t really give a reason for not being willing

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You Get What You Pay For

Many patients and clients these days are constantly looking for bargains and how to get stuff cheap.  They are even getting into bartering in your practice which traditionally never happened for healthcare professions in Canada.  But times are changing and demographics are changing too, and we are seeing this trend for some patients and clients

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Staff Issues

In analyzing practices and chatting with practice owners, the most common subject they bring up is “staff issues”.  Interestingly enough, the “issues” are widely variable from practice to practice.  However, about 75% of the problems relate to communication as a general category. Let’s look at these “staff issues” and some solutions. Your Most Valuable Asset

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Your Most Valuable Practice Asset

Some professionals consider their professional licence their most valuable asset.  Others think that having a location in a prime area is the biggest asset.  Many would answer that their state of the art equipment ranks highest.  There is a saying that your future earning power is your most valuable asset (insurance companies selling you on

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Failure is a Bruise. Not a Tattoo.

Over our lifetimes, many opportunities to improve and expand present themselves.  New ways of thinking.  Fresh ideas.  And we get excited by some of them, right? Let’s call that the First Thought:  “Hmmm, that sounds like a great idea; we should go for it.” Then there is the Second Thought that comes right after:  “But

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Make Things Happen

Never Assume Anything!

“I hope she filed that tax return on time.”  “Surely she will remember to lock the back door on the way out.”  “I wonder if he will remember to call that patient who was upset this morning?”  “I’m fairly sure that she will remember to do inventory and place the order today while I’m away,

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