practice analysis

Want Something Done … Just Do It Yourself?

Do you ever ask someone to do something for you and get let down?  How about giving an order to a staff member and you get “push back” from the person and are told it can’t be done?  Do you ever just throw up your hands in despair and walk away and just do it

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Holding Yourself Back from Greatness?

You have a lot more potential than you ever believed!  Did you ever realize that?  Sometimes you don’t even know how MUCH you are capable of until some unforeseen event brings it out in you, right?  Ever had a day where 15 things went wrong and you fixed them all and were pretty damn proud

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New Patients

New Patients: How to find ‘em

Attracting new patients to your practice can be a full-time job for a large practice and a part-time job for a small one. But it can’t be ignored or avoided in any size of practice if you wish to continue growing. There are articles coming out now by marketing experts saying that while the Internet

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